General tips for improving sleep quality and duration

The study, published on the pages of the Journal of the American Medical Association, notes that about 27% of people suffering from sleep disorders, in addition to pharmaceutical drugs, also use dietary supplements and traditional medicine to enhance the quality and duration of sleep. .

In addition, the publication offers the following tips on changing behaviors and using holistic medicine in combination with cannabis to effectively combat sleep disorders:

Create comfortable conditions for going to bed and for maintaining it. Accordingly, make sure that you sleep in a comfortable bed, in a ventilated room that does not contain irritants, such as extraneous sounds, light and aromas. Also make sure that the room is maintained at a normal room temperature, since excessive heat or cold can force the body to wake up early. To combat extraneous sounds, you can use any favorite music, or a special low-frequency white noise generator that suppresses unnecessarily high-frequency noise.

Get and follow a certain schedule of sleep. Just set a certain time to bedtime and prepare the body for this process in advance. Accordingly, eat a few hours before falling asleep, drink tea or milk about 45 minutes before the process starts, and go to the toilet in advance to eliminate any internal biological reasons for awakening.

Avoid excessive nervous stimulation before bedtime. In addition to the obvious rejection of the use of coffee or other psychostimulants a few hours before bedtime, shut down in advance and avoid active entertainment (from sports to watching action movies or horror films) to avoid adrenaline and other stimulating hormones.

Exercise regularly. It doesn’t matter if you do jogging, weight lifting, push-ups or Tai Chi, it’s important to do a complex of physical exercises every morning to bring the body into a healthy tone. However, as noted in the last paragraph, in no case do not stimulate yourself by charging 2-3 hours before the planned bedtime.

Aromatherapy. In addition to avoiding stimulants such as tobacco and caffeine before bedtime, its quality can be improved with the help of additional sedatives that enhance the effect of cannabinoid treatment. In particular, before going to sleep in the room, you can light a candle or spray lavender extract, which contains a very strong sedative myrcene.

Use folk and holistic means of improving sleep. As with aromatherapy, sleep quality can be improved by eating prematurely, or by drinking tea containing one or more of the traditional soothing herbs, such as valerian, cava, chamomile, California poppy or hop malt. Also, as a sedative, you can use some nutritional supplements with minerals, in particular magnesium salts.

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